mmmmmm, Thai Green Curry

November 22, 2008 · Posted in Cooking · Comment 
Thai Green Curry, rice and Spicy Prawn Crackers

Thai Green Curry, rice and Spicy Prawn Crackers

After a trip off to Al Amin for supplies, dinner tonight consisted of a rather warm Thai Green Curry, rice and freshly cooked Prawn Crackers.

I’ve cooked the curry many times before and they really are pretty easy to knock together, but I haven’t cooked prawn crackers for years.  They’re good fun really.  Just heat up a pan of oil, drop them in and fish them back out 10 seconds later.  Chuck em into smoe sweet chilli dipping sauce and munch away all night 🙂

We actually cooked far far too many so we’ve stored them ready for munchies later . . . and later might just be tomorrow.  While at the store I also picked up a Papaya so that we can chuck together a Papaya salad for lunch tomorrow . . . mmmmmmmm

BASE Jumping the Burj Dubai

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BASE Jumping the Burj Dubai: BASE jumping is clearly a somewhat insane thing to do (and this is coming from someone with 80 skydives in his logbook) … but if you’re gonna do it, do it big. At the moment the biggest is the Burj Dubai but there are plans afoot for buildings twice it’s size!! Now that sounds like real fun 😉