Things that make you go Aaaaarrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhh!

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I’m not talking about politics or religion here . . . I can brush those off because a) I don’t believe in either and b) they both work great for individuals but end up as infinitely corrupt for any sort of organisation . . . bah humbug!

No, what I’m talking about here is something that makes everyone’s blood boil . . . traffic.

Almost everyone that uses the public highways and byways is clearly an idiot! Read more

Pirates win music download battle

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Pirates win music download battle:

I call shennigans … nay, I call bullshit!

What a surprise, the record industry that’s been ripping everyone off for years bitching that they’re not making as much money at the moment by mudslinging around unsupported ‘facts’ that show that everyone in the world over the age of 3 weeks is a criminal … Fuck off!

Kayakers’ 300ft dam drop attacked

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Kayakers’ 300ft dam drop attacked:

Clearly Welsh Water are just being killjoys here.  No one else is allowed to use the lake so there was no chance of other people being hurt and, if the guys doing it had bent themselves in the process then it’s their own problem as they knew they were doing something that was, shall we say, a bit daft 😉

Looks damn good fun though …