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If you’re a photographer and you fancy trying something very cool in these currently Arctic like conditions, wait unti it’s really cold at night and go and bolw some soap bubbles in your back garden …

If it’s cold enough and you get the mix right they’ll freeze before they come down, just like the pics in this like.  Very very cool indeed 😉

Photographs of Photographers

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Photographs of Photographers:

I think this pretty much goes to show that photographers are basically nutters (hi Andy 😉

Anti-realistic photography

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Anti-realistic photography:

Most people using computers and graphics spend huge sums of money and time trying to make fake thing look as real as possible … it’s therefore a tad weird to see someone take pics of real and quite dramatic events and using some technique known as tilt/shift, make it look like a bunch of dinky toys!

I’m sure someone could sit me down in a pub and spend a long time explaining to me how this technique works but it wouldn’t make any difference, I still wouldn’t understand it … bloody cool though 🙂

Someone Once Told Me

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Someone Once Told Me:

I really like the idea of this site – a photographer taking pics of people holding phrases that people once said to them … it’s one of those things that is nice, simple and just works

Todays seems to resonate quite strongly with me … the number of ideas that I’ve discussed with people in pubs and have never got around to actually doing is outrageous (to the extent that a friend and I began to believe at one point that our local pub was being bugged)

Well, I’ve finally got off my arse and got this site going again so maybe I’ll start work on at least one of the ideas I’ve currently got bubbling under the surface.