Twitter Stream EULA

1) By reading and/or following this users Twitter Feed you agree that nothing contained within it (either written by, forward or retweeted by) the user shall be deemed to contain anything malicious, dangerous, litigious, libellous or threatening
1.1) any Tweet or message read in the users stream that appears to imply one of the above should be reread with a large dollop of sarcasm, irony or other form of humour, know or unknown, attached
1.2) if after rereading a Tweet and applying 1.1 to it and it is still deemed not to be funny then please turn off the Internet and walk away…you just don’t get it

2) this EULA applies to anyone, anywhere reading or rereading the users Tweets in any format
2.1) this includes, but is not limited to, retweets of the users stream, redirections of the users stream through services such as Tumblr, Facebook and Flickr
2.2) this EULA applies regardless of the reader know that they’re reading a Tweet from this users stream and are aware of this agreement

3) the users stream may be freely retweeted, hacked, mashed, chopped and changed in any way you see fit
3.1) any changes made to a Tweet that render it different from the original should be regarded as new content and not directly attributable to the original user
3.2) therefore anything malicious, dangerous, litigious, libellous or threatening inferred from the change should be taken up with whoever changed the Tweet and not me
3.3) although even if it should be, see point 1 😉

4) all Tweets in this stream should be deemed to be copyright of the user
4.1) this copyright may not be relicensed, sold or undermined by any other license or agreement held by any software or site that the users stream is read on or fed through
4.2) where possible and appropriate Tweets from this users stream should be attributed to the user
4.3) This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. (

5) any links that comprise all or part of a Tweet are licensed and copyright to whoever own the page that is being linked to
5.1) if the link is to a picture on Flickr, or other photo service that the user may be using, that has been uploaded by the user then see point 1 & 4

(Version 1)