ATM’s ‘double your money’ error

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ATM’s ‘double your money’ error:


Sorry but well … the Banks do everything they legally can to shaft people out of their money, charging £25 for sending letters about 1p overdrafts, hiding extortionate interest rates for credit cards inside huge maasses of small print and they claim that they’re disapointed when people don’t report an error like this – really, they’re only got themselves to blame 🙂

‘Time-bending drug’ for jet lag

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‘Time-bending drug’ for jet lag:

I know a couple of people who are going to be interested in this, none of whom spend a lot of time travelling.  One is a friend with a dodgy internal body clock and the other is theWife who sufferes from having to sleep next to someone who ‘allegedly ’ snores!

Quiz of the week’s news

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Quiz of the week’s news: Things are looking up … I always always ALWAYS end up scoring 2 out of 7 on the BBC week’s news quiz.  However, this week I managed 7!! w00t!

Strictly stars support Sergeant

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Strictly stars support Sergeant: Is this really what’s passing for news now? … is it a slow news day today? A guy in a popularity contest has walked out because he’s too popular and that might stop someone else from winning … bah humbug!

Quiz time . . .

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The BBC has posted a couple of quizes today, one on sporting rules and the other on sitcoms.

I managed a pair of pathetic scores of 1 on sporting rules (!) and 5 on Sitcoms . . . surely you can all do better?

Police and teachers on BNP list

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Police and teachers on BNP list:

So a bunch of people are members of a an organisation that either a) they’re not allowed to be, b) they’re ashamed of being and c) apparently is pretty lacking in it’s data security procedures.

I have zero sympathy for any of these racist bastards being outed as being racist bastards … – free money ;-)

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A friend recommended a site to me a couple of days ago,

The basic idea is to bet on the outcome of various news and sports stories . . . the fun thing is you can go nuts with it because there’s no real money involved. You can also set-up your own bets and publish them.  Harmless fun or another route into chaos, drugs and organised crime 😉

the No Mill Road Tesco Campaign » TESCO LOSE PLANNING APPEAL

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the No Mill Road Tesco Campaign » TESCO LOSE PLANNING APPEAL:

Fantastic news and well done to everyone involved in stopping this from happening 😉

For those who don’t know, Mill Road is the place to go in Cambridge when you want the little things. It’s the home of small interesting shops, multi-nationality small supermarkets where you can buy hundreds of things that you’ve probably never seen or heard of before, plus, all the roads off it (well most) and full of Victorian terrace houses.

It’s got an village like atmosphere and, as the about page of the campaign site says ‘Mill Road is the creative and cultural heart of Cambridge’.

What twonk decided that it would be a good idea to stick a branch of Tesco right in the middle of it?? Admitidly we are a bit short on big supermarkets in Cambridge.  There are only 5 Tescos, 2 Sainsburys and an Aldi … how could we possibly cope without another one???

Weller smoke puts theatre in jam

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Weller smoke puts theatre in jam: Is the theatre getting a warning because he smoked inside their building or because they didn’t do anything about it when he did?? Seems kinda arse backwards to me …

Is Palin the Republican future?

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Is Palin the Republican future?: lol, she’s their future?? I presume this is the beginnings of a really long term strategy by the Republicans to give away the next election, and possibly the one after that???