Smufflers what?

This is something like the 4th incarnation of the Smufflersworld website.  It’s currently hosted at WordPress while I wait for my hosting provider to finish upgrading their servers to a version of PHP that WordPress supports.

Number Five is alive! I finally got bored of waiting for my hosting company to upgrade php and have moved over to a new host . . . it’s still on WordPress, for the moment, so we’ll have to see how things go.

I use my blog to talk about techy stuff, well I am a gadget freak, and also to rant away about things that happen to bug me.  I also use the site as a way to beat myself up after I remember that I haven’t updated it for a month!

One of the objectives of transferring to WordPress was to try to integrate all the areas of my online self together – we’ll see how that goes eh 😉

Where to find me online…
Twitter: jodrell
PSNid: jodrell
Elite: CMDR jodrell
email: hello at smufflersworld dot com