“Tickle Him!”

November 27, 2008 · Posted in foundFings . . . · Comment 

“Tickle Him!”:

Recently Maxin magazine conducted an interview with the guy who provides the voiceovers for, amongst other things, Mortal Kombat. You know, the scary deep voiced intro’s and fight ending “Finish Him!”

As part of the interview the persuaded him to record a few not so scary phrases in the same voice … a choine couple being the previously mentioned “Tickle Him!”, the slightly camp “Flawless…Ensemble” and the glorious “Epic FAIL!”

Now all I need to do it figure out what to do with them 🙂

Hubdub.com – free money ;-)

November 18, 2008 · Posted in foundFings . . . · Comment 

A friend recommended a site to me a couple of days ago, www.hubdub.com

The basic idea is to bet on the outcome of various news and sports stories . . . the fun thing is you can go nuts with it because there’s no real money involved. You can also set-up your own bets and publish them.  Harmless fun or another route into chaos, drugs and organised crime 😉