Back for good???

September 7, 2009 · Posted in brain dump . . . · Comment 

I’ve finally got around to upgrading the site to the latest version of WordPress, something I should have done a long while ago but the recent security issues prompted me to finally get it done. I’d heard a variety of horror stories relating to the upgrade process but all went through without incident. Thanks should go out to Vero who I had a quick chat with before hand. Her thirty-second tid-bit, turn off all the plugins and backup, backup, backup . . . good advice at any time but especially so during an upgrade (as my ex-honeymoon photos would attest to).

There’s a lot going on at the moment so I figured I’d start chatting again on here, probably more as an extension of things I Tweet about but there you go. I wonder how long the updates will last this time 😉

Skywriting? Not quite . . .

July 23, 2008 · Posted in Site info . . . · Comment 

OK, so not so much sky writing as train writing . . . it’s a form of transport isn’t it?

So one of the reasons to move to WordPress, as I mentioned in the first post was the ability or write on the move. Not necessarily crafting whole posts, everyone knows that the iPhone keyboard isn’t really up to that, but at least to be able to get down ideas.

This is going to be particularly useful during the two 55 minute train journeys I have to and from work 4 days a week.