The List

OK look, there’s a list right. Everyone has a list, they’re just pretty hard to stick to sometimes. The way I see it the only real vote you have is with your wallet and you should be careful how you exercise it (yes I believe you should vote in elections and the like too, but you only get to do that every 5 years or whatever, your wallet votes every day!)

To that ends there’s the list of companies or production that I avoid, to do my best to avoid. I’m not going to go nuts over this and kill myself but if there’s an alternative I can use I will. It also goes without saying that some of the alternatives that I do use might well be just as bad, I just probably don’t know that yet so they’re not on The List.

The List
Tesco – this started of with poor customer service generally, rolled over into what I assume was an illegal refusal to accept a defective CD I wanted to exchange (not return, exchange!) and the finally made it onto The List (they actually were the first people on The List) when they were particularly cunty to Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall during his Chicken Out campaign for free range chickens. It also doesn’t help that due to the continued incompetence of Cambridge planners Tesco have something like 17 different stores in and around the Cambridge area. Basically, they’re bastards.

In terms of begin bastards Coke make Tesco look like a My Little Pony! The reason are far too long and involved to go into here but luckily Mark Thomas has written a book about it 🙂. In short, Murder, poisoning water tables and a general disregards to morals and ethics. Fuck em! PS. The Coca-Cola company are a damn hard one to avoid. Do you have any idea how many different products them make? Here’s a few…

Shite coffee from money grabbing, tax evading bastards…and there are soooooo many decent independent coffee shops instead!