Reminder Of Why You Should Never Put Foil In A Microwave—Exploding Wine Box Version [Video]

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Here’s why your mother always said never to put aluminum foil in the microwave. Can someone buy this Swedish guy a new kitchen, please? And a box o’ wine, too? [YouTube] Thanks, Nightwheel!

The best Chili in the World . . . EVER!

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Simon Rimmer is the resident chef on BBC2’s Something for the Weekend. A couple of weeks ago on his twitter feed (@simonrim) he announced a new website he’d setup, where he’s asking people to film themselves cooking their recipes and upload them.

As I seem to keep banging on about cooking on here and enjoy it so much (as anyone who has been round to our house for dinner will know), I thought it was a good opportunity to put my money where my mouth is and film something. Read more

Kite Surfer Vs House

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Kite Surfer Vs House:

I get the feeling that this may be a viral add but it’s funny none the less … possibly noteable for the long warning at the start of the video about not doing stupid things like trying to kite-surf over a house and culminating with the wonderful phrase “if you take chances, at least wear a good video cam!”

Jet Pack Crosses 1,500-Foot Long Colorado Canyon, Breaks World Record

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Crazy: Jet Pack Crosses 1,500-Foot Long Colorado Canyon, Breaks World Record:

A couple of days ago I posted a story about an insane man trying to back-flip a truck … now here’s another one jumping a Canyon, with the aid of a jetpack.

The flight takes around 21 seconds, which isn’t bad, but when you consider that the ‘range’ of this jetpack is only just over 30 seconds (and you take a look at the size of the Canyon) you can see just how risky this little stunt was.

Looks damn good fun though … where can I get one from? It would make my morning trip to work significantly more interesting 🙂

Darwin award, almost . . .

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Darwin award, almost . . .:

Last year as part of the Red Bull Expirement, during a New Year TV special, an insane yank Rhys Millen was going to attempt to back-flip a truck.  Despite all of the usual protestations of ‘WORLDS FIRST!’ during the commentary on this type of event, it’s very rare that they’re not, in fact, actually practiced and completed beforehand.

It was during one of these practice attempts that Rhys Millen landed his truck up-side down and broke his back, specifically three broken vertebrae in my neck and two compressed and broken vertebrae in my back … ouchie.

Clearly the expreience didn’t knock any sense into him because he’s going to try is again this year and as part of the build up to the event a video has been released of the failed attempt that led to the injury.

You have to say from watching that video it doesn’t look even close to being possible, but according to the man himself during earlier training the stunt was landed 3 times successfully in training (allbeit into a large pile of cardboard boxes)

Good luck this year Rhys 🙂

BASE Jumping the Burj Dubai

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BASE Jumping the Burj Dubai: BASE jumping is clearly a somewhat insane thing to do (and this is coming from someone with 80 skydives in his logbook) … but if you’re gonna do it, do it big. At the moment the biggest is the Burj Dubai but there are plans afoot for buildings twice it’s size!! Now that sounds like real fun 😉

New Star Trek trailers, now available

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New Star Trek trailers, now available: I’m probably not quite as excited for the new Star Trek movie as I am for Watchmen but it will be nice to see a new, fresh and re-imagined version of Star Trek after 20 years of the same formula being re-re-re-re-re-re-hashed … and the Trailer’s not bad either.  Full marks to Simon Pegg for the comedy Scotty accent 😉

Kitty Cat Hitches Ride on Back of a Roomba

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Kitty Cat Hitches Ride on Back of a Roomba: Welcome to the anthisis of the previous post … a cat sat on a running Roomba.  Now I don’t know if I’m just overly anthropomorphisising (real word or too many endings?) here but it looks to me like this cat is perfectly happy accepting this lift, but is somewhat bemused that he’s not ending up anywhere new or interesting, like at the food bowl.