Someone Once Told Me

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Someone Once Told Me:

I really like the idea of this site – a photographer taking pics of people holding phrases that people once said to them … it’s one of those things that is nice, simple and just works

Todays seems to resonate quite strongly with me … the number of ideas that I’ve discussed with people in pubs and have never got around to actually doing is outrageous (to the extent that a friend and I began to believe at one point that our local pub was being bugged)

Well, I’ve finally got off my arse and got this site going again so maybe I’ll start work on at least one of the ideas I’ve currently got bubbling under the surface.

the No Mill Road Tesco Campaign » TESCO LOSE PLANNING APPEAL

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the No Mill Road Tesco Campaign » TESCO LOSE PLANNING APPEAL:

Fantastic news and well done to everyone involved in stopping this from happening 😉

For those who don’t know, Mill Road is the place to go in Cambridge when you want the little things. It’s the home of small interesting shops, multi-nationality small supermarkets where you can buy hundreds of things that you’ve probably never seen or heard of before, plus, all the roads off it (well most) and full of Victorian terrace houses.

It’s got an village like atmosphere and, as the about page of the campaign site says ‘Mill Road is the creative and cultural heart of Cambridge’.

What twonk decided that it would be a good idea to stick a branch of Tesco right in the middle of it?? Admitidly we are a bit short on big supermarkets in Cambridge.  There are only 5 Tescos, 2 Sainsburys and an Aldi … how could we possibly cope without another one???

On the train again . . .

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Bored on the 6.45 to Kings Cross . . . less crowded than usual

Bored on the 6.45 to Kings Cross . . . less crowded than usual

It’s dullsville on the train this morning, stop, start, stop, start, crawl for a bit, announcement about an over-running repairs . . . snore.

Despite the reputation of the railways this doesn’t actually happen all that often and the service is usually very reliable – hugely overpriced and very overcrowded but generally reliable.

The photo shown was taken on the 6.45 from Cambridge to Kings Cross, and it’s not as busy today as it often is. To get this train I have to get up at 6am, which hurts every time I do it, but it means I can work 8am to 4pm and avoid the worst of the rush hour.

Coming home can be tricky though. If I don’t get to Kings Cross at least 10 minutes (probably 15) before the 4.45 leaves I have zero chance of getting a seat . . . double decker trains or just putting more than 8 carriages on what is a constantly full train is seemingly not a good idea – can someone tell me why?