mmmmmm, Thai Green Curry

November 22, 2008 · Posted in Cooking · Comment 
Thai Green Curry, rice and Spicy Prawn Crackers

Thai Green Curry, rice and Spicy Prawn Crackers

After a trip off to Al Amin for supplies, dinner tonight consisted of a rather warm Thai Green Curry, rice and freshly cooked Prawn Crackers.

I’ve cooked the curry many times before and they really are pretty easy to knock together, but I haven’t cooked prawn crackers for years.  They’re good fun really.  Just heat up a pan of oil, drop them in and fish them back out 10 seconds later.  Chuck em into smoe sweet chilli dipping sauce and munch away all night 🙂

We actually cooked far far too many so we’ve stored them ready for munchies later . . . and later might just be tomorrow.  While at the store I also picked up a Papaya so that we can chuck together a Papaya salad for lunch tomorrow . . . mmmmmmmm