GelaSkins, Protection with Style, not Bulk

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GelaSkins, Protection with Style, not Bulk:

If you’ve currently got one of the more traditional covers or wallets for you iPhone/iPod etc and you’ve only got it in order to prevent scratches, then you might want to look at these GelaSkins.

They are, aparently, easily removeable, have some great artwork on and seemily fit just about anything.  I might have to get myself a couple, I’ll let you know if I do and report on how they work out …

“Tickle Him!”

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“Tickle Him!”:

Recently Maxin magazine conducted an interview with the guy who provides the voiceovers for, amongst other things, Mortal Kombat. You know, the scary deep voiced intro’s and fight ending “Finish Him!”

As part of the interview the persuaded him to record a few not so scary phrases in the same voice … a choine couple being the previously mentioned “Tickle Him!”, the slightly camp “Flawless…Ensemble” and the glorious “Epic FAIL!”

Now all I need to do it figure out what to do with them 🙂

Upside Down Dogs

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Upside Down Dogs: possibly the greatest upside down dog picture in the world … ever!

Programmer Jokes . . .

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Programmer Jokes . . .: Lots and lots and lots  and lots of really really techy and geeky jokes …

Jet Pack Crosses 1,500-Foot Long Colorado Canyon, Breaks World Record

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Crazy: Jet Pack Crosses 1,500-Foot Long Colorado Canyon, Breaks World Record:

A couple of days ago I posted a story about an insane man trying to back-flip a truck … now here’s another one jumping a Canyon, with the aid of a jetpack.

The flight takes around 21 seconds, which isn’t bad, but when you consider that the ‘range’ of this jetpack is only just over 30 seconds (and you take a look at the size of the Canyon) you can see just how risky this little stunt was.

Looks damn good fun though … where can I get one from? It would make my morning trip to work significantly more interesting 🙂

HomePlug PowerLine PL-85PE 85Mbps Ethernet Adapter

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HomePlug PowerLine PL-85PE 85Mbps Ethernet Adapter:

Do you own a really big house?? No, me neither … OK, so do you own or live in a 1950’s council house that seems to have unfeasably dense walls that mean from one room to the next your full power 802.11G wifi network is down to 20% 2 rooms away from the base station? Ahhhh, now we’re talking.

I’m running an Airport Extreme basestation capable of transmiting 802.11N and the one thing in my house that’s capable of using it is my AppleTV.  Unfortunatly unless the planets are in some particularly strange alignment we always seem to suffer from breakup or stuttering when watching programs on it.  This is particularly annouing when you realise that I’ve spent quite a lot of time ripping my entire (OK, so I’m still working on it) DVD collection into iTunes and have at my disposal just inder 1.5TB of films and TV to watch on it.

Enter the HomePlug PowerLine series of gadgets.  Now I know broadband over powerlines has been promised for many years and seems to have spectacularly failed to deliver, but using these devices as a localised for of that seems to work really nicely!

You simply plug one of them in near your network and connect it with a standard ethernet cable.   Then you plug a second device in right over the other side of your house and take the network back out of it using another standard ethernet cable … magic!

The blurb that comes with the devices and on the website claims that it also encrypts your network just so that your neibhors can’t access it, but I think I’ll be locking mine down by MAC address or something similar in the next day or so, just to be sure.

Other than that the results were perfect.  I’ve been flicking around on AppleTV like a madman earlier today without even a hint of skipping … w00t!

Darwin award, almost . . .

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Darwin award, almost . . .:

Last year as part of the Red Bull Expirement, during a New Year TV special, an insane yank Rhys Millen was going to attempt to back-flip a truck.  Despite all of the usual protestations of ‘WORLDS FIRST!’ during the commentary on this type of event, it’s very rare that they’re not, in fact, actually practiced and completed beforehand.

It was during one of these practice attempts that Rhys Millen landed his truck up-side down and broke his back, specifically three broken vertebrae in my neck and two compressed and broken vertebrae in my back … ouchie.

Clearly the expreience didn’t knock any sense into him because he’s going to try is again this year and as part of the build up to the event a video has been released of the failed attempt that led to the injury.

You have to say from watching that video it doesn’t look even close to being possible, but according to the man himself during earlier training the stunt was landed 3 times successfully in training (allbeit into a large pile of cardboard boxes)

Good luck this year Rhys 🙂

mmmmmm, Thai Green Curry

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Thai Green Curry, rice and Spicy Prawn Crackers

Thai Green Curry, rice and Spicy Prawn Crackers

After a trip off to Al Amin for supplies, dinner tonight consisted of a rather warm Thai Green Curry, rice and freshly cooked Prawn Crackers.

I’ve cooked the curry many times before and they really are pretty easy to knock together, but I haven’t cooked prawn crackers for years.  They’re good fun really.  Just heat up a pan of oil, drop them in and fish them back out 10 seconds later.  Chuck em into smoe sweet chilli dipping sauce and munch away all night 🙂

We actually cooked far far too many so we’ve stored them ready for munchies later . . . and later might just be tomorrow.  While at the store I also picked up a Papaya so that we can chuck together a Papaya salad for lunch tomorrow . . . mmmmmmmm

BASE Jumping the Burj Dubai

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BASE Jumping the Burj Dubai: BASE jumping is clearly a somewhat insane thing to do (and this is coming from someone with 80 skydives in his logbook) … but if you’re gonna do it, do it big. At the moment the biggest is the Burj Dubai but there are plans afoot for buildings twice it’s size!! Now that sounds like real fun 😉

The reality rebellion

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The reality rebellion:

Could it finally be true? Have the public, the people that have encouraged the ‘reality’ tv explosion finally got sick of it? Are they turning their back on it and deliberatly sabotaging the shows that they watch or have the program makers just finally gone too far in trying to sensationalise the shows by telling the judges to be overly harsh about the performers.

I don’t really care, but if it finally slows down the onslaught of these shows I’ll be very happy.

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