Bush ‘seeks to ease wildlife law’

November 20, 2008 · Posted in foundFings . . . 

Bush ‘seeks to ease wildlife law’:

Fingers crossed Mr Obama will reverse this one pretty quickly in a couple of months time – it’s clear that George ‘dubya’ Bush is not going to go down in history as having been a friend to the environment during his time in office.

From seemingly doing his upmost to stall any type of global environmental effort at the Kyoto summit, then refusing to take part in it (thereby rendering the whole thing kinda useless?), to overturning the banning of oil drilling in Alaska (something put in place by his predecessor Bill Clinton during his last days in office), and now this.  A move presumably designed to allow his gun totin’ friends access to more shootable ‘game’

I said it before on my first blog several years ago … George Bush is a Monkey faced arsehole, thank god he’s nearly gone.


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