The Day the Earth Stood Still Takes a Tumble

December 13, 2008 · Posted in foundFings . . . · Comment 

The Day the Earth Stood Still Takes a Tumble:

oh thank goodness … The Day the Earth Stood Still is a classic 1950’s alien invasion film. It’s been referenced in films as diverse as Evil Dead III, Toy Story and Tron.

It’s an Alien invasion film but it’s really about, as a lot of films at the time were, nuclear war.  In short, one alien ship lands, one man and one robot appear (OK, it’s the 1950’2 and they were doing things on the cheap) and there’s a lot of commentary about how the general population of this planet are trying to f@&k each other over.

For a society that believes it is alone in the universe, a single shil, a single person and a single robot is such a fundamental shift in their world prespective they can’t cope …

Now, 57 years on from that film the new release of the film apparently (and I will freely admit at this point I’ve only see a couple of clips, reviews and trailers) needs one man, one ship, multiple GIANT HUGE SPHERES all over the world and some weird robotic bee things?!?

The nuclear war possible threatening othe planets thing has been throw away and replaced by an environmental theme , , , is it just me or does that feel a good 10 or more years late??

It’s a shame because it’a another crap film for Keanu Reeves … he was good in Bill & Ted (both of them, because, wtf), I liked him in Johnny Mnemonic. Point Break totally rocks, Men In Black, the first Matrix film is Uber cool and Constantine is pretty damn good too.  The common theme running through all these films is that Keanu Reeves plays Keanu Reeves … don’t believe me, check out Dangerous Liasons, Dracula or Much Ado About Nothing (another film I actually quite like).

Anyhoo, back to tthe point.  Yet another travesty, yet another film that didn’t need remaking just because it was in black and white of doesn’t have computer animation in it … leave these films alone and come up with an original idea for a change!!!

As a hint to the future if you want to piss me off some more please have a go at Fantastic Voyage, Invasion of the Body Snatchers or Citizen kane!!!!!