Is it Live or is it Memorex Crappy CS?

February 6, 2010 · Posted in Rants . . . 

oh dear, another day, another poor online customer service experience . . .

A few days ago (see previous post) I had a poor experience using a companies Live online chat service. The problem there was caused by a lack of information on the part of the operator and, it would seem, their supervisor.

Today I had another question to a different company called Heatmiser related to a timer clock I’d brought. The manual was very, very thin so I went online searching for more information, found their live chat and thought I’d give it a go. Here’s the result.

Operator 10:16 Hi, my name is Operator. How can I help you?
Me 10:16 I’m having a problem setting up my time clock
Me 10:16 I have a TM1
Me 10:17 on the mode select page it says how to set the mode but not how to confirm it
Me 10:18 ie. ‘Using the Up/Down keys select the desired more’
Me 10:18 then what?
Me 10:20 anyone there??
Me 10:24 really, great service from the Live chat then . . .
Me 10:30 last chance???

As I’m typing this post it’s 10.45 and I still haven’t seen any response from them.

Live chat features on company websites can be great for solving small problems and can may a company look really good, pro-active and helpful. When use like this however they just make you look bad and you’d be much better off not having it online in the first place . . .


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