ATM’s ‘double your money’ error

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ATM’s ‘double your money’ error:


Sorry but well … the Banks do everything they legally can to shaft people out of their money, charging £25 for sending letters about 1p overdrafts, hiding extortionate interest rates for credit cards inside huge maasses of small print and they claim that they’re disapointed when people don’t report an error like this – really, they’re only got themselves to blame 🙂

Pirates win music download battle

January 16, 2009 · Posted in foundFings . . . · Comment 

Pirates win music download battle:

I call shennigans … nay, I call bullshit!

What a surprise, the record industry that’s been ripping everyone off for years bitching that they’re not making as much money at the moment by mudslinging around unsupported ‘facts’ that show that everyone in the world over the age of 3 weeks is a criminal … Fuck off!