Close Encounters of the Cycling Kind

December 5, 2017 · Posted in HelmetCam 

Having had many chats about how bad riding a bike can be in “The Cycling Capital of the UK, and taking a cue from the grades of Alien encounters I’ve decided to rate my cycling experiences in terms of Close Encounters.

Rather than just clips when something happens I’m going to try (fingers crossed for no camera or brain fade issues) to post all my rides to and from work for a week. I’ll mark up the times in the vid description when something noteworthy happens graded as follows…

Of the First Kind…
I see someone doing something stupid, dangerous or illegal, but am not directly involved. Examples would be people running red lights, not indicating, parking dangerously.

Of the Second Kind…
Another road user performs a dangerous move near me causing me to divert or brake in an unexpected way. Examples would be close passes, left hooks, pulling out across traffic, or parking dangerously so that I’m forced into traffic..

Of the Third Kind…
I’m involved in an accident, or have to make aa significant deviation from my expected course in order to avoid an accident. But significant I mean jumping onto the pavement, emergency stops etc

I’m expecting a lot of the first, some of the second and hopefully none of the third! I’ll do some kind of scoring summary at the end of the week to see how I’ve done.

Here’s a link to the playlist that I’ll be adding the vids to.

Of course this means you can see, and comment on if you think it’s necessary, what my general riding is like and if you think I’m causing any issues.

Last update: The final ride is now live and described
– Thursday Evening and this mornings rides are now up
– My 2-part ride to get home on Wednesday evening is not live, w00t!
– Finally added the Monday Evening ride…only 3 encounters that I spotted in it too!
– Wednesday morning ride now live with description…I’ve had to re-upload Monday evening…it’s coming!
– Rides from Tuesday Morning and Evening have now been uploaded and described with timings included.
– Monday morning video posted. Evening and Tuesday morning rides are uploading


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