I gone done a silly thing…again

July 21, 2016 · Posted in Charity, Diet & Fitness 

In 2014 I rather stupidly entered an Olympic distance Triathlon. This was initially a way to get me off my arse and do some exercise, the theory being there was no way I’d be able to finish without doing some and it worked!

In 2015 I didn’t enter anything and the amount of exercise decreased significantly because there was no nagging scared feeling in the back of my brain telling me I needed to do this.

With that in mind this year I’ve entered the rather foolish Chill Swim Coniston, a 5.25 mile open water swim from one end of Coniston Water to the other. As part of my training for this I’ve also entered Swim the Cam, a 2.5 mile open water swim down a section of The Cam in Cambridge.

You won’t be surprised in the least when I tell you that I’m supposed to be being sponsored for both of these events, but that other than one brief Tweet a couple of months ago I’ve completely forgotten to publicise that bit! #oopsie

Swim the Cam takes place this Saturday (23/7/16) and is being run to try and raise funds for Cambridge Sustainable Food, more specifically their Sustainable Food Hub project. I’ve pledged to raise £100 for them as a condition of entry. Please take a look at the links and at what they’re trying to do and, if you’re feeling that way inclined, please sponsor me/them on this Justgiving page.

The big swim is on either the 3rd of 4th (weather dependent) of September up in the Lake District. I’m doing that one in aid of Arthritis Research UK which could be classed as a little bit selfish in a way…but it’s not like the money is going straight to me 🙂

I haven’t had to commit to any specific target for this one but obviously more is always better! If you feel like helping men and Arthritis Research UK out, please donate on this Justgiving.com page.

Thanks hugely in advance for anything that you’re prepared to give to either cause…see you in the water!


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